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You can register for your (free demo) Bizz-E account as follows:

Create your account
Click on the image above or go to: Bizz-E Sign Up. Select your trade partner and enter your registration code. If you do not have a code, first send in your contactinformation via the registration form. You will receive the code by email.

You can now use your Bizz-E account for at least 30 days. You can not yet receive or send messages. When you activate your account after this demo period, you won't lose all your entered data, so you can continue working directly.

Activate your account
You can choose to activate your account directly, or during your demo period. By activating you automatically choose an subscribtion and accept the terms and prizes. Making your account fully functional (including Ready&Go connection with your trade partner) can already be done in just an hour.

Tip: send an invitation
If you have business relations who might also be interested in EDI or Bizz-E you can send an INVITE. Follow the registration procedure, and send your relation a registration code for a demo account.


You can choose out of four subscriptions: by month or year, for small business or full service. The last one gives you more support and a standard discount on your messaging. With an additional Bizz-E Gold subscription you are assured of more and faster functionality, optimalisation and support. You can with little extra costs always and easily add subusers, tradepartners or logistics providers.

Conditions & rates
By completing and sending the Bizz-E registration form, you agree to Bizz-E Terms & Conditions. Rates can be found in these Terms & Conditions and in the Price list.

Payment instructions & tips
Payment rules are different for SEPA and non-SEPA countries:

SEPA countries: mandatory preauthorized direct debit
For Dutch and European (SEPA) customers preauthorized direct debit is mandatory. In the registrationform please provide us with IBAN accountnumber, BIC code and ascription. Also a VAT number is required for EU countries.
Non-SEPA countries: payment option OUR
In non-SEPA-countries each payment to Rozis has to include any transfer costs. Any transfer costs paid by Rozis will be invoiced to you afterwards. So be sure to select option 2 (OUR) of the three payment forms:
1. The recipient pays all costs (BENEFICIARY)
2. The sender pays all costs (OUR)
3. Both parties pay a part of the costs (SHARED)

Extra services

Rozis can provide you with a GLN code if needed. Therefore you need to check the option in the Bizz-E registration form.
SSCC despatch advices
Bizz-E delivers a Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC) for despatch advices, but you must be able to print the label yourself. For more information download this pdf document on GS1 SSCC Label.
Free Message Alert Service
If you want to automatically receive an alert via email if your trading partner has send you an message, sign up for our free Message Alert Service via the Bizz-E registration form.
Start & Help
Bizz-E is highly designed for do-it-yourself-learning. To get started with Bizz-E after your account login, pay attention to, and follow the steps outlined in the message screens. Bizz-E also contains an extensive manual with detailed information about functions and practical use. Our highly skilled support team can address any further questions you may have.