Complete online service for your B2B communication

Rozis Bizz-E online EDI

Online EDI

Bizz-E is a fully functional online service for handling your EDI message traffic. All standard functionalities for EDI communication are available. Bizz-E is especially suited for parties who want to get started quickly.

EDI Messages

You can make, send and receive different types of EDI messages:

    orders : make, send, receive and print
    orderresponses : make, send, receive and print
    despatch advices : make, send, receive and print, with SSCC-encoding
    invoices : make, send, receive and print
    invoice lists : print
    return message : make, send, receive
    vmi messages (Ahold communication): make, send, receive

Extra's included

With us you will easily find an subscription that suits you, for competitive prices.
The following extra's are always included:

    introduction via free demo account
    no connection fees for yearly subscriptions
    free mailbox
    free connection of first trading partner
    use servicedesk included
    free email alert
    no additional fees for standard message types, gateways, translations, SSCC-coding etc.
    no additional fees for integration with your Exact Online account

Bizz-E Full Service offers also a standard discount on your EDI messaging costs.
Via Bizz-E Gold additional software development and customization is being realized.

EDI Bizz-E screenshot

Self-learning EDI

Bizz-E is developed according to an unique 'gaming' concept, in which the accomplishment of ever more complex 'levels' by users, is monitored and supported. The biggest advantage is that simple functionalities are available for sporadic use, and the more complex unfold when you are ready for it.

The basic communication proces of EDI consists of the receipt of an order, which after processing, results in the sending of a despatch advice and invoice. This basic proces is central in the design of Bizz-E, and makes the use very easy.

More complex forms of communication however are still possible very well. More advanced usage includes f.a. to enter and manage multiple article(groups), to use divergent data in despatch advices, or to manage non-one-on-one message flows.

    Starters functionalities of Bizz-E i.a. consist of:
  • readily equipped for communication with major retailers and branches
  • step-by-step recording of settings, articles and partners
  • automatic test message to partner ('ready to go')
  • inbox: see in one glance which orders arrived or still have to be dealt with
  • one-on-one message flow: from order to despatch advice to invoice
  • build-in course with alert when and how the next functionality becomes available.
  • emailalert

    Advanced functionalities of Bizz-E i.a. consist of:
  • enter and manage multiple articles and partners
  • no-one-on-one message flows: f.e. from order to multiple despatch advices and invoices
  • manual input of orders, or manual making of an invoice
  • divergent data in despatch advice, f.e. invoice number

Ready made connections

Bizz-E is readily equipped for EDI communication with all major (European) retailers. When registering you chose the trading partner you want to exchange EDI messages with. Bizz-E will automatically be configured with the data and message specifications required for that partner.

Benefits of online EDI

We present Bizz-E as online EDI or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Benefits are:

    fast and readily equipped solution
    no high purchase costs and long implementation
    always and everywhere available
    automatic maintenance and updates

Bizz-E PLUS: integration with your online ERP

Bizz-E + is an extension of Bizz-E and offers a very innovative integration with online ERP (business) or administration software. Bizz-E + is the online follow-up of our experience of years in integrating with locale software products. Bizz-E + can send or receive messages to or from trade partners, based on the order- or article data which is created or altered in your online ERP.

Bizz-E + is developed in consultation and cooperation with various ERP software vendors, like Exact Online. Please contact us for more information about the integration of Bizz-E with your online ERP.

Extra features

Multi-user & rights
Bizz-E can be used by multiple (external) sub-users, even at the same time. Sub-users have their own rights in the divers functionalities of Bizz-E. Despatch advices for example often are handled by different business units or by an external logistics provider. An extra user account in Bizz-E then is the solution.
Automatic article data upload
You can use an additional tool to import automatically all your article data. If you have an extensive article assortment, you save much time at manually entering your article data.
Full Adress Details consumers
Via Bizz-E Full Adress Details of consumers can also be included in EDI messages. In this way you can deliver directly at consumers, without changing the process of ordering, delevering and billing between supplier and buyer.
SSCC despatch advices
Via Bizz-E there are several solutions are for realizing the exchange of SSCC despatch advices. An exemple can be the adding of SSCC codes to the despatch advices via handscanners.
Extra account for your logistical provider
You don't have to add the SSCC-codes to your despatch advices yourself. Bizz-E offers logistics providers the possibility to add extra data to your messages via their own inlog on your Bizz-E account.
Retailer News
In Bizz-E retailers with whom you exchange EDI messages, can provide you with news or address changes. This way you're not only rapidly informed of new developments, but these will also be directly inplemented in your EDI system.
Language independent
Bizz-E is bilingual, and is available in English and Dutch.
Integration with ServicePortal
Bizz-E is completely integrated with our online service portal, where you can find extra services, like the status of your messaging and support tickets.
Online or mobile sales
Bizz-E can be used as a webshop or portal, wherein the underlying communication takes place via EDI. This can be interesting for direct online sales to consumers, or for your mobile representatives.